CEI Guidelines

Nummus.Info is the only Certification Body for Portfolios conforming to the Guidelines issued by the Italian Bishops' Conference.

We offer our clients the possibility of obtaining certification of conformity of their investments according to the ethical principles of the Guidelines of the Italian Bishops’ Conference through a process of detailed analysis and breakdown of the portfolio.

If the portfolio complies with the Catholic criteria, we issue the conformity certification (Nummus Ethics Certification), after which the portfolio is included in the List of Certified Portfolios, which can be consulted on this page, and the Label is provided, which can be used by the manager for commercial purposes.

Nummus Ethics Certification is a process through which we support clients by analysing their portfolios and checking whether they comply with the guidelines issued by the Italian Bishops’ Conference on sustainable and ethical investments.

Receiving certification is an opportunity to ensure that one’s portfolio is consistent with ethical and sustainable values and to contribute to the support of social projects through the proceeds of this activity.

Since 26 October 2020, thousands of products have been analysed, of which only a small percentage have obtained Nummus Ethics Certification.

See the list of certified products Nummus Ethics, updated to 15 April 2024

Please note that this is in no way to be considered as an investment proposal by Nummus.Info.

The certification process begins with an analysis of the client’s portfolio, in particular, the portfolio position over the last 3 months is analysed. The analysis is conducted using advanced tools in order to break down in detail all the securities in the portfolio (separating any funds/ETFs present within it), and to verify compliance with the Catholic criteria of the Italian Bishops’ Conference Guidelines. Once the analysis has been completed, the Nummus.Info team of experts issues the Nummus Ethics Certification to the clients’ portfolios that have passed the verification process.

For further information, please consult the following document

Nummus Ethics Certification derives from the transcoding of the principles in the document : "The Catholic Church and the management of financial resources with ethical criteria of social, environmental and governance responsibility".


For Ecclesiastical and Religious Bodies, the certification process is completely free of charge: in fact, a contribution will be requested from the manager, if any, to cover the costs of the analysis. If, on the other hand, the organisation has not entrusted the assets to a management mandate, Nummus.Info itself will bear the necessary costs. Moreover, the proceeds from this activity will not flow into Nummus.Info’s coffers but will be donated to social projects.


We have collaborated in the creation of two indices based on the principles of the Guidelines of the Italian Bishops’ Conference.
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